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GBH -- "City Baby - From Highgate To Hawaii... Life And GBH" (livro)

Livro da autoria de Ross Lomas, baixista dos GBH que já esgotou a terceira edição...

BOOK ***City Baby sells out again. And again! ***

A lot of people think this is the best book we’ve published so far.
It’s certainly been our most successful.

The first print run completely sold out in just a few months.
Then the second edition did the same.
Now the third edition has done it, too!! This means we’re onto the fourth edition!

Thank you to everyone who’s bought it and enjoyed it. 
We’ve written a blog about it here.

If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what City Baby is,
click on the links to read the magazine articles, the reviews from readers, and from Louder Than War and see what all the fuss is about.
The third run is with us now, so to order a copy, just click on the image below.

City Baby cover
The book is the autobiography of Ross Lomas, bass player with UK punk legends GBH.
Ever since we first started selling it we’ve been getting fantastic feedback from people who’ve bought it.
Lots of people telling us how they couldn’t put it down, how much they laughed, how many memories it stirred.

Our favourite comment so far? This one:
“I loved it so easy to read and an honest viewpoint on the scene and life as a outsider in society. I just can’t think of enough superlatives to do it justice.
just f**ken wicked!!”

If you haven’t get your hands on it yet… well, you’d best do it soon.

Podem obter mais detalhes desta edição, clicando aqui!

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