segunda-feira, novembro 01, 2021

The Samples - "Blood And Thunder"


Just a reminder that our latest release, Blood and Thunder is available to download or buy at all the usual digital places - Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Bandcamp, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal etc....

It is the only Samples 'compilation' that has the full support of the band and many of the tracks have been re-mastered.
Long time fans will have heard much of this before but there are newly recorded versions of Agent Orange and Burning Down The World that we think you'll like. We've also included our live version of Dead Hero that Paz and Dave recorded as a tribute to Sean earlier this year. 
The physical CD is still only available at live gigs but, at some point, we may make it available to buy on line, as we know there is demand. Sorry to all those folks that we know are unable to get to gigs. 
P.S. Speak to us really nicely (and be prepared to be very patient) and we might be able to break the 'rule'.