sexta-feira, junho 03, 2022

Sex Pistols - "God Save The Queen Revisited" (vídeo)

Foi disponibilizado um "novo" vídeo deste tema, a propósito das celebrações que decorrem desde ontem no Reino Unido...


 To celebrate this year’s Platinum Jubilee, the new video Sex Pistols God save the Queen combines footage from the performance video shot by Julien Temple at the marquee in May 1977, with footage of the Thames river boat party on the Silver Jubilee day in June that same year. 

 45 years later and coinciding with the worldwide launch of the TV series ‘Pistol’ it features exclusive footage of some of the earliest, most important and influential women fans of the band including , Vivienne, Jordan, Debbie and Tracey, Catwoman, Helen of Troy amongst others.