terça-feira, agosto 04, 2015

Anti-Nowhere League - novo álbum e reedição de "Road To Rampton" e " Kings And Queens"

Notícias divulgadas há minutos pelos Anti-Nowhere League...

WE ARE.......very glad to announce that we have just signed a new worldwide recording deal with Cleopatra records in California which will see the re-issue of two of our great albums 'the Road to Rampton' and 'Kings and Queens' and we will also be bringing out two brand new albums for 2016.

You will be aware that in the past we did not have a lot of time for record companies that we did not trust. That is why we have dragged our feet the past few years over new releases. But with Cleopatra we feel that this is the right 'honest' label for us and our supporters for the future.

We're back in the studio now working on the new material so expect tour details and release dates soon, oh and a little Christmas surprise from the band!!!....ho ho ho..
Long live the League......

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