sábado, setembro 12, 2015

Russia´s Lost Punks - reportagem

O site Meduza publicou online uma reportagem sobre a cena punk actual na Rússia, mais concretamente em S.Petersburgo...

Beginning in May 2014, photographer Ksenia Ivanova began a project dedicated to St. Petersburg's punk community. Titled "On the Verge," Ivanova's work, she says, is first and foremost a personal exploration of her own generation. Born during the Soviet Union's Perestroika period, her contemporaries grew up amid the ruins of Soviet ideology, when there was still nothing to take its place. "The uncertainty and despair of this time are reflected in our generation," Ivanova says.

Podem ler "Russia´s Lost Punks" na íntegra e ver as variadas fotos, clicando aqui!

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