quarta-feira, dezembro 30, 2015

"Portraits of German Punk Culture From The ’80s pt. 3"

O site Cult Nation publicou uma reportagem com imagens da cena punk alemã na década de 1980, especialmente centrada nas manifestações de Hannover (em 1983).

Portraits of…German Punk Culture From The ’80s pt. 3

In the 80’s, punks faced a global struggle with the mainstream and the police from around the world and through it, we became an international family of misfits. It was hard to visualize what other scenes looked like, because all we had were bad xerox photos and a whole lot of imagination. This is why our Portraits of 80’s punk culture series is so important to me, because it give us a chance to share with the world a piece of very important youth culture. PunkFoto from Germany is the biggest archive of 80’s punk culture online, and we salute them with Part 3: Portraits of… German Punk Culture from the 80’s…see more on the PunkFoto Facebook Page.

Podem ver as imensas fotos de vários autores , clicando aqui!

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