segunda-feira, janeiro 11, 2016

David Bowie faleceu com 69 anos

Faleceu ontem (dia 10 de Janeiro) David Bowie, figura incontornável do pop/rock mundial.

Dois dias antes, tinha completado 69 anos e mesmo nesse dia, lançado um novo álbum.

Aqui ficam algumas palavras de Billy Idol sobre Bowie...

David Bowie was a beacon of light to young people in Britain’s socially disturbed & turbulent economy of the early 1970’s. 

He paved the way for Punk rock as he took an uncompromising stance against the conservative viewpoint of much of the intelligentsia of the day, and whether it was for gay rights or a fight for artistic freedom, or the right to state your case about the world, Bowie’s music led the way.

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