terça-feira, fevereiro 14, 2017

Damage - magazine disponível online

O site Dangerous Minds anunciou que a revista Damage está disponibilizada via internet...

The entire print run of classic SF punk magazine ‘Damage’ is now online! 

Ryan Richardson is one of the United States’ foremost collectors, archivists, and dealers of punk rock records and ephemera, as well as being the Internet saint who created free online archives of StarRock Scene, and Slash magazines. 

He also runs Fanzinefaves.com, a repository of various early punk zines as well as the exhaustive punk info blog Break My Face.

We’ve written about Richardson’s punk altruism before here at Dangerous Minds. The last time was when he uploaded the entire print run of the seminal transgressive LA artpunk publication, NO MAG, over at his site CirculationZero.com

Podem ler o artigo na íntegra, clicando aqui!

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