sábado, abril 29, 2017

Wattie (The Exploited) - recupera e espera regressar aos palcos brevemente

O vocalista dos escoceses The Exploited está em recuperação, depois de novo problema de saúde e internamento num hospital na Bélgica (no passado dia 7 de Abril), que o fez abandonar a digressão da banda.

Já de regresso ao seu país, Wattie escreveu algumas palavras na página da banda:

Just a quick message from myself Wattie .

Well I feel really proud of my band mates for putting on such great shows along side Jake and every one from The Casualities who really helped us finish the whole tour. 

Also Code Red and all our guest singers from different bands plus our supporters from the audience who also helped out. 

It means a lot to me to see such support while I was in hospital in intensive care .

I hope to get back on stage at some point soon and once again 

Thanks for the good wishes 

Punks not Dead. 

Wattie Exploited

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