sexta-feira, maio 12, 2017

Wattie (The Exploited) - paragem e internamento em clínica

Numa actualização sobre o estado de saúde do vocalista, a banda escocesa publicou na sua página uma mensagem, que indica uma paragem ´forçada` de Wattie, aconselhada directamente pelos médicos e internamento numa clínica num periodo superior a um mês, para já com alguns concertos dos Exploited cancelados...

Gig Update,s

We are sorry to say that the following gigs have been CANCELLED 

26th -05 Slovenia-Lendva-Petroleum Beat Festival 
3rd june England Manchester North West Calling
16th June Romania Periam-

Wattie was advised by the doctors not to try and do any shows as his health really is in a bad way he has been booked into a clinic in London for 4 to five weeks to see if he can get his health sorted out 

 we are sorry for having to cancel these shows and hope that you understand why they have been cancelled .


The Exploited

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