sexta-feira, outubro 04, 2013

Olga (Toy Dolls) - nova mensagem para os fãs portugueses (festa e concerto)

Nova mensagem do vocalista de Toy Dolls para os fãs portugueses:

«Happy Friday You Lot! 

First off, I hope everyone has a great time tomorrow at the Lisbon Sabotage club in Portugal! 

its The Toy Dolls pre gig warm up, for the show at TMN Ao Vivo on 26th October. 

We wont actually be there tomorrow, but its a Toy Dolls disco/videos etc, and lot's of beer, and bands playing Toy Dolls covers! 

We will be thinking of you! 

Ah Love thinkin' about You Lot in Portugal at the Sabotage Club Me! 


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