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Rebellion Festival 2014 - The Best Of

O Rebellion é um nome conhecido para todos, promove todos os anos em Blackpoll (Inglaterra) um festival inigualável na cena punk. 

Os organizadores e amigos, colocaram online um podcast onde podem ouvir temas de bandas que passaram pelo evento em 2014.

São cerca de duas horas de música e algumas entrevistas. que podem escutar clicando aqui!

‘The Best Of Rebellion Festival 2014’

1. NoFX. The Idiots Have Taken Over

2. Argy Bargy. No Regrets

3. Runnin’ Riot. Oi! Oi! Angel
4. Spunk Volcano and the Eruptions. Crossfire
5. Dirtbox Disco. Let’s Get Wasted
6. Menace. Screwed Up
7. Guida. Wild Tiger Woman
8. Killing Joke. Love Like Blood

9. The pUKEs. Turn It Off. (Live in the Rebellion Radio Studio)
10. Ruts DC. Something That I Said (Live on the Acoustic Stage)
11. The Gonads. I Lost My Love To a UK Sub
12. Brains All Gone. March of the Youth
13. Jaya the Cat. Twist the Cap
14. UK Subs. Rebellion Song
15. The Dickies. Gigantor
16. Lost Cherrees. Tsunami of Shit
17. Hard Skin. We Are The Wankers
18. Rust. Oi! Oi! Aussie Rock’n Roll
19. Reagan Youth. Reagan Youth
20. The Adverts. Gary Gilmores Eyes
21. Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions. Changing Times
22. The Ramonas. KKK Took My Baby Away
23. System of Hate. Insanity
24. G.B.H. Kids Get Down
25. Selecter. On My Radio
26. Brassick. Pelt
27. Bishops Green. Tumblin’ Down
28. Slaughter and the Dogs. You’re Ready Now
29. Viki Vortex and the Cumshots. Countdown to a Breakdown
30. The Toasters. Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down
31. Kunt and the Gang. The Wrong Ian Watkins

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