sábado, janeiro 17, 2015

Anti-Flag - novo álbum "American Spring"

Os norte-americanos Anti-Flag anunciaram que o próximo disco está quase finalizado e deverá ser lançado em Março.

Intitulado "American Spring", a banda referiu-se ao álbum com um comunicado:

“There is no shortage of fodder for a new record of commentary on the social and political climate in 2015: Endless wars, the new Jim Crow and American injustice, corprotocracy, environmental coup d’état, the surveillance state, loss, grief, and anxiety.
We hope that these songs can grant us solace in a seemingly hopeless era.
It has been frustrating to see much punk rock music —and music in general— quiet in the face of so many atrocities that are taking place around the world. This record is not quiet.
If you are disillusioned with the status quo, these songs are for you.
The American Spring is now.”