quarta-feira, maio 11, 2016

Sniffin´Glue - reportagem da fanzine punk

No site do Independent foi publicada uma interessante reportagem sobre a Sniffin´Glue, uma das primeiras fanzines a circular com bastante importância (e feedback), em 1976 ...

Sniffin’ Glue’s founder and editor, Mark Perry. A bank clerk from Deptford, son of a docker and enthused by the new music he heard around him, Perry set up his fanzine in the spring of 1976, taking its name from a track on the first Ramones album. 

(As for glue sniffing, let’s call it an ancient self-medication practice: you tipped some glue into a container of some kind, maybe a paper bag, cupped it to your face, inhaled the fumes and let them mess around with your nervous system.)

Podem ler na íntegra os imensos detalhes à volta da fanzine, clicando aqui!


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