domingo, setembro 18, 2016

The 100 Club Punk Festival 1976 (Revisited)

Foi disponibilizada online uma interessante reportagem sobre o festival punk que se realizou na mítica sala londrina 100 Club...

The 100 Club Punk Festival 1976 (Revisited)

40 years ago, at the end of a red-hot English summer, a highly significant Festival took place at the 100 Club in Oxford Street. Although only several hundred people were in attendance, it was nevertheless a watershed moment in popular music and culture. 

The 100 Club Punk Festival was the moment when everything changed in Britain and a new era in popular culture was born. 

As my own small contribution to the 40th anniversary of 1976 (Year Zero), I have put together a few scraps and glimpses from memory of that momentous gig. 

Podem ler na íntegra todos os detalhes e as memórias desse ano, acedendo ao The Baker, basta clicar aqui!

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