quinta-feira, dezembro 22, 2016

Michale Graves (ex-Misfits) - entrevista

O site The Spot publicou uma  entrevista recente a Michale Graves, onde aborda vários assuntos actuais e também a passagem do vocalista pelos The Misfits...

Speak of The Misfits and just about anyone knows what you’re talking about: Whether it be a gentle nod to acknowledge a hard rocking band out of New Jersey,  or a heated debate on the merits of “American Psycho.”

For five years, Michale Graves fronted the iconic rock horror band. He helped flip the band from punk to hard rock after replacing its original lead singer, Glenn Danzig, in 1995. 

Podem ler a reportagem na íntegra, clicando aqui!

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