quarta-feira, agosto 04, 2021

Hits 25 - Live Streamed


HITS25 - Sold-out gig to be LIVE STREAMED!
We understand the disappointment many of the Rebellion family have that they can’t make it to the gig on Saturday. Either due to travel restrictions, having to isolate, not feeling ready to attend a large event yet or just those that can’t get a ticket as it’s sold out.

We’re excited to announce that the Winter Gardens have yet again stepped up help and we’ve managed today to agree to live-stream the main Empress Ballroom gig from 12.30 on Saturday afternoon through to midnight featuring all 11 live bands: COCK SPARRER, COCKNEY REJECTS, UK SUBS, G.B.H., BARSTOOL PREACHERS, DIRTBOX DISCO, MAID OF ACE, GIMPFIST, FIRE EXIT, MILLIE MANDERS & THE SHUT UP, DEATH TRAILS.
The live stream will be FREE. There are obvious costs involved but neither the Winter Gardens nor Rebellion want to profit from those that can’t attend. However, there will be a DONATE button and donations are being encouraged with all monies raised donated to Trinity Hospice & Palliative Care Services, Blackpool in memory of Greg Johnson. Husband of key Winter Gardens team member Donna, Greg passed away in 2020 following a cancer diagnosis. Both he and Donna were offered the invaluable support and compassion of Trinity as have thousands of others through the invaluable work they do. We’d like to give back to the wonderful team that help us each year, so anything you can do would be much appreciated.
Full details of the live stream and how to donate are available at