sábado, abril 11, 2015

Total Chaos - novo álbum "World Of Insanity"

Foi divulgada a capa do novo disco dos norte-americanos Total Chaos, "World Of Insanity" que será lançado em breve...

We are pleased to announce the return of Greg "Sipper" Williams who has done the artwork for our NEW Album "World of Insanity". 

Greg did the artwork for the "Punk Invasion" and "In God we Kill" album covers and the infamous "Unite to Fight" T-Shirt amongst others. We will have a special Tour Edition CD of the NEW album with us on our April/May Europe tour and also our May/June U.S tour with G.B.H that you can pick up at the shows. 

More formats will be available soon, any fans of the early "Pledge of Defiance", "Patriotic Shock" sound will surely love "World of Insanity" as it's in your face classic Total Chaos and hard as nails. 

Cheers T.C

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