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Patti Pattex (Cut My Skin) - entrevista sobre o novo álbum "Mind Control"

Os alemães Cut My Skin são bem conhecidos do público português, especialmente de quem acompanha o Billy News.

Depois de intensas gravações de estúdio, a banda punk de Berlim prepara-se para lançar um novo disco, o seu quarto álbum, agora com uma formação renovada, mas sempre cheios de energia e muita raiva para debitar pelos quatro cantos do mundo.

"Mind Control" é o mote para uma entrevista do Billy News à simpática e sempre bem-disposta vocalista Patti Pattex, que nos sintoniza com o espírito do disco e explica o que aí vem.

Mantendo o inglês inalterado para ´não deturpar nenhuma vírgula`, aqui ficam as palavras da mentora da banda...

Billy – Cut My Skin band had some changes, last year, new members...
that affected a lot for the studio sessions, recording, or not so

Patti Pattex – Oh yeah, it had a big effect on everything. With the
change of Jojo taking over the guitar & Dima as new drummer, it was
like we were reborn musically & personally. All the tensions from
before were gone & everything became easy & fun again. Which of course
led to more creativity again, which was stuck before, out of mentioned
reasons. We didn't record in a hired studio this time. It's all
D.I.Y. this time.

Billy –The cover of the album is great! Can you tell us more details,
main issues, subjects, how many songs…?

Patti Pattex – Obrigado !!! The original idea was to call the album
"OUTRAGE" - we have same name song on it - so i made a sketch at home.
My intension was to show a face full of rage, including some punk
attitude. Somehow we ended up calling it MIND CONTROL which covers up
actually some of the issues of the songs. So i changed it in the
painting a bit more "out of your mind". We've got 13 sonx, because
that's a good number In summery: slaughterhouse, stalking, smart
phone zombies, war, egoist reckless people, crush porn, Frances
Farmer, the grey of nowadays desperation wordwide, a reggae song which
is dedicated to VI SUBVERSA of the POISON GIRLS, a song in german
language which is about the uprising of fascism again, also shown in
certain german parties that people can vote & a lot more punkrock with
rage & message.

Billy – It´s the fourth album, after “Future Sold Out” (2010). The
process of the recordings had change from that time, or not, are
similar nowdays?

Patti Pattex – We recorded & mixed everything in Rigaerstrasse
practiseroom. For there are many bands, we couldn't do it all in one
go like Pete & me were used to. But in the end, after many breaks, we
are glad that we did it like this. We had time to fix certain parts
without a rush, took us time for the mix doing only several songs a
night bit by bit. In between i got very impatient ha ha, because I'm
not used to work like this. It's like a little struggle finding the
concentration over & over again from the start. I mean for myself it
was hard recording the vocals, also with new lyrics singing looking at
the words on paper in between, and still keep that certain feeling to
the context, when there & then we got interrupted 'cause of people
entering, getting gear out etc. But it was worth to take a bit longer.
Even people from mastering studio confirmed us, that we did a
brilliant job with rec/mix all D.I.Y.
By now all is done for LP, I finished the booklet, we send recordings,
cover etc to the press shop. Now we are working on CD, we'll see what
& how much we can also do on our own. Time is running ha ha. I keep
you updated, but for sure, we will finish everything for the release
date !

Billy – The band are preparing some release partys in August around
Germany. In September gonna travel to Belgium and France. Everything
is prepared?

Patti Pattex – More or less yes. Besides new LP/CD we print new shirts
& I believe there are still 3 shows not confirmed yet. In the middle
of the week always difficult !

Billy – In 2012, Cut My Skin played in Lisbon, was a gig that many
people still remember it with great enthusiasm. If things can work
out, could we see you again, soon in Portugal?

Patti Pattex – ha ha ha YES OF COURSE. I ask you every year Billy.
Let's prepare it ! Even for 1 night ! We stay 3 days for
holiday :-)))))

(imagem na Casa de Lafões, Lisboa a 3 Março 2012)

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"Mind Control" é o mote para uma entrevista do Billy News à simpática e sempre bem-disposta vocalista Patti Pattex, que nos sintoniza com o espírito do disco e explica o que aí vem.