terça-feira, agosto 23, 2016

Mick Jones (The Clash) - entrevista recente

O site do The Guardian publicou uma entrevista recente com o guitarrista Mick Jones que relembra algumas curiosidades, desde momentos da sua infância até à ´era` The Clash...

In the early days, when we spent evenings flyposting for our gigs, Paul would mix flour and hot water to make the poster paste and afterwards he’d eat the remainder.

When I first got to America in 1978 I remember thinking how sandwiches, fruit and meals generally were twice the size they were back home. The band travelled on coaches, overnight, and I didn’t sleep well but enjoyed stopping at truck stops for food in the early hours, getting to know the drivers.

Podem ler a reportagem na íntegra, clicando aqui!

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