quinta-feira, agosto 11, 2016

"The Story Of Feminist Punk In 33 Songs"

O site da Pitchfork publicou uma reportagem com Vivien Goldman (escritora e jornalista, ligada directamente à música), em que foca a ´cena` punk feminista e apresenta as impressões da própria e ainda vários vídeos relevantes, segundo a entrevistada...

The Story of Feminist Punk in 33 Songs

From Patti Smith to Bikini Kill, the songs that have crushed stereotypes and steered progress

“Feminism,” “punk,” and “feminist punk” can have many definitions, culturally and personally. 

In attempting to capture the spirit and story of this lineage, we had to narrow down these enormous fields. 

We looked for songs that make their feminist messages clear—not just songs by punks who are feminists, and not songs that were “punk” or “feminist” in spirit alone. In this context, we defined punk as some kind of raw expression, not only an attitude.

Podem ler a reportagem na íntegra, clicando aqui!

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