sexta-feira, agosto 19, 2016

S.P.O.T.S. - foi há 39 anos

No dia 19 de Agosto de 1977, os Sex Pistols iniciaram a sua digressão sob o nome de S.P.O.T.S., ou seja ´Sex Pistols On Tour Secretly`, após a censura que sofreram com vários concertos cancelados e recusas de promotores para novas marcações.

 “Well, we decided to do these gigs, like, just for one, ‘cause we want to play anyway, and we hadn’t played in England for such a long time...

And we couldn’t publicize them, ‘cause if we did, some councilor might just come and say, ‘Right, you’re not playing here,’ we they have done and they can do, for any stupid reason. 

So we decided to go to each individual promoter ourselves, who owned their private clubs and who could put us on without having to ask someone else, and told them to keep it secret. 

But we knew enough word would get out that people would know we were playing – which they did. So it weren’t totally unfair on the fans anyway, ‘cause most of them who wanted to see us come to see us. And all the places were packed out, so enough word got ‘round for people to know we were playing.

                                                                   Paul Cook (baterista)

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