sábado, março 18, 2017

"How punk changed cities and vice-versa" - reportagem

O The Guardian publicou uma interessante reportagem...

How punk changed cities and vice-versa

From its earliest beginnings, punk as a youth cult was viewed as a social nuisance in cities – irritating but tolerated. But the battle lines were truly drawn in what became a focal point for the nascent hardcore scene: early 1980s Los Angeles.
“LA was a sketchy place then,” recalled Dave Markey, whose 1982 documentary The Slog Movie captured the LA punk scene in all its raw, ragged glory. Speaking in a 2011 interview, Markey, who was a teenager at the time, added: “You wouldn’t walk down certain streets. But it was also like a playground for us.”

Pode ler o artigo na íntegra, clicando aqui!

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