domingo, janeiro 08, 2017

Jello Biafra - entrevista na Rolling Stone

Nova entrevista recente publicada na Rolling Stone, com interesse (ver post abaixo com Iggy Pop).

Desta vez foi a Jello Biafra, com o ex-vocalista dos Dead Kennedys a pronunciar-se sobre o estado actual nos E.U.A. e consequências previstas (inclui também um curioso vídeo intitulado What Would Jello Do?», uma saga do próprio).

"How can people be so fucking stupid?!?"

"Don't hate the media, become the media." 

"I'm just hoping Trump freaks out so bad about having to sell his business empire ... that he refuses to take the oath of office at all."

Everybody from Sex Pistols to Clash to Dead Kennedys to Bad Brains were all fully formed in music and vision before Reagan or Thatcher ever seized power. The common denominator of most of us is we were anti-corporation and anti-corporate culture, especially the way it was polluting and dumbing down our music.

Podem ler a entrevista na íntegra, clicando aqui!

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